Doing the math 20 June 2019

What five books would you preserve (in case of digital erasure)? 19 June 2019

Charlie Kirk on the Interstate National Vote Compact (INVC), also known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) 16 June 2019

Elitist Progressives, rural bumpkins, and the gathering storm 4 June 2019

Blue-state Javerts 13 May 2019

On school shootings: An observation 8 May 2019

What does not kill him makes him stronger. 5 May 2019

On McCain’s death: 1 September 2018 2 September 2018

Anti-Trump, history-twistery slants MS-13 as wrongly targeted by Trump and ICE policies 17 August 2018

Hush hush, liberal-propagandist pact among high school history teachers in Massachussetts–and beyond… 12 August 2018

American presidential shifts to a new political order: A history  16 January 2017

The new nationalism vs. globalism in America and Europe  12 January 2017

The alt-right defined  11 December 2016

Famous American Socialists  5 February 2016

Disbanding the Republican Party and the Rise of Trump  18 December 2015

America is not at war with Muslims  13 December 2015

Classic propaganda techniques and Barack Obama  6 December 2015

GOP to draft loser Romney to stanch widening flow of Trump and Carson supporters?  13 November 2015

Anti-war elements of “American Sniper”  31 January 2015

Piers Morgan responds to controversial comments by Pope Francis  16 January 2015

Pope Francis defends freedom of expression but cautions against insulting religions  15 January 2015

The Magical Mystery Corruptour (Little Piggies)  14 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo cover page for newest issue 13 January 2015

Russia bans LGBT’s from highways  12 January 2015

Je suis Charlie!  12 January 2015

Obama to America: No “credible evidence” that Muslim Brotherhood is committed to violence  1 December 2014

Pilgrim tenacity and the first Thanksgiving  30 November 2014

American history through stamps: A book review  26 November 2014

Lincoln and the Civil War: When Thanksgiving began  26 November 2014

Banned in Bangkok: The Hunger Games and its libertarian themes  23 November 2014

Glenn Beck retools his $90 million empire  18 November 2014

Ron Paul: 10 Libertarian-themed movies  17 November 2014

Rand Paul: A sellout or a pragmatist?  17 November 2014

Uniting Democrats and Republicans around . . . ? The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Metallica. . .  30 October 2014

Esoteric writing: a book review  27 October 2014

Current ballot initiative trends  22 October 2014

Campus free-food pantries on the rise  13 October 2014

Reefer rats?  6 October 2014

Orwell as oracle  29 September 2014

People’s Republic rises against China  28 September 2014

Libertarianism and God  26 September 2014

The Liberty Kids 4 September 2014

Mark R. Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments:”  A critique from conservative, constitutional lawyer, Phyllis Schlafly  4 September 2013

Mark R. Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments:” A senator’s call to action

3 September 2013

Mark R. Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments:”  A how-to  3 September 2013

“September 2:”  from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”  3 September 2013

Mark R. Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments:”  An interview  29 August 2013

Ron Paul to launch new online channel on heels of Glenn Beck  7 August 2013

Three Essays Advocating the Abolishing of Money:  III.  “Imagining Earth (Without Money)”  7 August 2013

Three Essays Advocating The Abolishing Of Money:  II.  “The Travail of Wage Labor”  2 August 2013

Three Essays Advocating The Abolishing Of Money:  I.  “The Lower Depths of Capitalism”  1 August 2013

Ballad of a Calmed Sea (of Nicole):  a poem  29 July 2013

Lady Liberty “Burning Bright:”  Rand Paul and Fahrenheit 451  14 June 2013

Boston bombing:  Beck connects the dots  18 April 2013

No more hurting people – PEACE  16 April 2013

Is there anybody, out there?  Just nod if you can hear me.  8 January 2013

Society, psychoses and weapons:  What to do?  pt. 2  4 January 2013

Society, psychoses and weapons:  What to do?  3 January 2013

Ron Paul to co-opt irrelevant Republican Party? Campaign manager says: “Let the fight begin.”  14 August 2012

Favorite word meanings beginning with “lib”  13 August 2012

And the newest “Arrogant Hypocritical Bastard Award” for exploiting the Aurora Tragedy goes to–  2 August 2012

Some friendly Facebook exchanges from this morning…  8 July 2012

Glenn Beck COWARDS on the shelves today  13 June 2012

In honor of Ray Bradbury  6 June 2012

Deja Vu:  Dark Shadows all over again  23 May 2012

Cardinal takes over for bishop and advances on king  8 March 2012

Andrew Breitbart:  1969 – 2012   1 March 2012

The President caves to georeligious powers on Obamacare  10 February 2012

Georeligious power: A Paris revolution. A Polish revolution. An American revolution?  30 January 2012

Ron Paul’s honest strategy  20 January 2012

Glenn Beck: Christian white-knight wannabe against the Muslim caliphate?  20 January 2012

Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet”  16 January 2012

Election year fear 15 January 2012

The fools at FOX News 15 January 2012

Becoming what you are 13 January 2012

Party eugenics  12 January 2012

Ron Paul’s fringe, or village idiots?  12 January 2012

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