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I transcribed the following interview of Charlie Kirk by Glenn Beck, re: the Interstate National Vote Compact (INVC), from Beck’s Friday, 14 June 2019, podcast.

In future elections, if progressives successfully enact the above-mentioned compact, all electoral votes from each state then would go to the candidate who wins the popular vote for the whole country—a little known, but legal, move toward allowing our state governments to force on us citizens the nearest thing to a national, quote-unquote pure democracy. Instead of the states, with us, controlling the federal government, the reverse would take effect. The federal government would control the states–and you and I.

However, until they’ve won and the compact becomes law, we still are able to try and sway our own state’s representatives, senators, and governor one way or the other–the way of our Constitution and an individual’s natural, God-given rights, or the other way, the progressive direction.

Democrats are now only 70 electoral votes away from the 270 that they need to pass the compact. That’s right—only 70 more votes are needed toward reaching the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

Are you aware of this? Did you know that the passing of this compact is legal and quietly, but very effectively, being pursued behind our backs? People need to be aware of where their state is—right now—in this active process of pushing the compact through each state’s house, senate, and office of the governor.

Once in effect, the compact would severely alter the results of future elections—positively in favor of states with large-city, mostly-progressive populations and negatively against states with small, mostly rural populations—for generations to come. States’ rights would diminish to nonexistence, and a big, centralized government—with all of its bureaucracies and regulatory agencies full of progressive, elitist experts—then, merrily, would wield absolute power over our American citizenry. Mob rule. Woodrow Wilson’s dream-come-true. –s.a. bort

Charlie Kirk/Glenn Beck Interview:

Charlie Kirk: A Constitutional Republic. We use democratic means to elect individuals and representatives. A Constitutional Republic recognizes certain natural rights that can’t be taken away just because the mob wants those to be taken away. And, in The Federalist Papers, the Founding Fathers realized and recognized the potential danger of the tyranny of the mob.

One of the big historical fallacies that is taught to students is that America was the first exercise in quote-unquote democracy. That’s just not true. It was tried many times before. Cicero, who I believe is the most important thinker and writer, who was council of Rome for one year, warned against the tyranny and majority, warned against–that total outright mobocracy, essentially, would turn into class warfare. He argued that the middle-class needs representation that, first and foremost, recognized their natural rights.

And, so, what the Electoral College has done over a long period of time is; it forces the states– First of all, it recognizes the sovereignty of the states. It recognizes that the states create a Federal Government. The Federal Government did not create the states. And, it allows the states to appropriate their electorate as they see fit. Now, this is really important because each state might have a different way that they want to send their electors to the Electoral College.

So, for example, two states right now, Maine and Nebraska; they carve out one of their congressional districts that allow the winner of that congressional district to maybe be different than the entire voice of the state. So, for example, Donald Trump won a singular electoral vote, Maine, in 2016. In 2008, Barack Obama won a singular electoral vote in Nebraska, when he won that Eastern Nebraska congressional seat.

Now, what does that mean? It means that voices that otherwise would not have had as big of a platform, all of a sudden are now competitive in the national election and discourse. And, what’s happening now is actually predicted and prophesied by The Founding Fathers in The Federalist Papers, and the construction of our country, where you have the exacerbation of the coastal elites that want to then enact their viewpoints and their ivory tower, philosopher-king agenda over middle-America and middle-class America, and that’s most important because the needs and wants of Malibu and Manhattan are not the needs and wants of Michigan and Missouri.

So, how do we peacefully go about this without turning ourselves into factions and pitting people against each other? Well, the only way you could possibly come to compromise and build big-base coalitions is through the decentralization of elections, which is what the Electoral College offers. If you look at other countries that just have straight mobocracies, as I call it; it’s not going so well, is it?

For example, in France, no one can possibly say that the ideas that were rooted in the French Revolution have been better for human freedom and prosperity than the ideas rooted in the American Revolution, of Scottish Enlightenment. And what we have right now is; the Left realizes that the idea of decentralized control of the protection of the individual and state’s rights; it is a hindrance; it’s almost an annoyance and an obstacle for them to be able to get the power that they wish, that they want to get, and so what they’re doing right now, just to talk very specifically, Glenn, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with your audience because this is not Siri; this is not something–”Oh, the Left wants to do this.” The Left is doing this, and they’re getting help from far too many Republicans.

I would venture a guess that many people in your audience don’t know that fifteen states have already passed what’s called the Interstate National Vote Compact (INVC). What does that mean? Fifteen states—has essentially passed through the state legislators—and signed by the Governor—agreeing that their electoral votes will be given to the winner of the national popular vote.

So, in short, the Left, with the help of far too many Republicans; it tends to be a trend—isn’t it, Glenn; it seems like Republicans tend to agree—go along with the Left far too often. They’ve realized that they’re not going to be able to get this through Congress, that they’re not going to be able to get this through the House of Representatives or through a Constitutional Amendment. So, instead, they saw their window to go through the states. Since the states are allowed to appropriate their electors however they see fit, [?]. So—

Glenn: What the Left is trying to do is perfectly legal. It’s perfectly Constitutional and perfectly legal.

Charlie: I would believe so. There are some scholars that think it isn’t. I actually don’t agree. I actually think it’s perfectly legal. I think the framers allowed this sort of window to go through the states. It’s hard. It’s difficult.

Now, let’s talk specifically. It’s already passed fifteen states, Glenn. Now, this does not go into action until they hit that magical two-seventy number, that two hundred and seventy number. They’re right at about two hundred right now, and on Wednesday, two days ago [12 June 2019], Oregon just signed it into law. Now, I want you to think about that. This is sweeping the country!

Now, the Democrat Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, vetoed it a week and a half ago. Good on him! He has more bravery than most Republicans, a Democrat Governor of Nevada. It accelerated to the House, into the Senate, and he surprisingly vetoed it. This is now being discussed in states such as Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Ohio. They are seventy votes away from changing the way that we elect a president. And, what does that mean?

Glenn: So, let’s go through those. Maine will absolutely do that. Let’s go through these state-by-state. Where do we have a chance of turning the tide. Let’s look at it state-by-state.

Charlie: Yeah, and so Maine is now discussing it again in their House and will eventually try to kick it up to the Governor, and it would just be so foolish, Glenn, for Maine to do this. Because you talk about a state that respects the idea of the individual, generally, and has not necessarily always gone along with the traditional Northeastern stereotype of leftism. It would be such a mistake for them to give up their sovereignty and the attention that they’re able to get to the mob, those people who have nothing to do with their needs, wants, or desires.

The other one is Minnesota. They’ve already introduced this into Minnesota. And, the other one that we have to keep a very close eye on, a rapidly changing state in a variety of ways. If we’re asleep at the wheel, this state will become a blue state. It’s Arizona. It’s been introduced into Arizona State House. It’s getting far too much traction in Arizona. And Arizona, of course, just elected Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Donald Trump did not win a majority of votes in Arizona back in 2016. The only one, I think, 49.1%. I could look up the exact number. And then, more specifically, North Carolina. North Carolina’s another dangerous state with a Democrat Governor and with very weak Republicans. And, that’s a dangerous and lethal combination.

Glenn: All right, so what do people need to do, Charlie? If you’re in Arizona, North Carolina, Maine, you need to organize yourself again. You need to get on your phone with your legislature and your state senate and say, “Stop this! You Governor’s office. Do not pass this!” Right?

Charlie: That’s correct. Yes. And so, at Turning Point USA, we’re the nation’s largest student organization focused on the Constitution and American Exceptionalism. And so, we feel it’s incumbent on us to fight for this as hard as we can. And, so [at] our website, TPUSA.com, you’ll be able to find some resources of what you can do to get engaged and involved on this fight.

And, what I found, Glenn, which always gives me such hope for the future of this country is that this is already organically kind of being fought through some great grassroots activists in these states. And, we’re already connecting with them and giving them some resources and funding. And, that’s what I love about America; is that whenever there is a crisis, individuals tend to voluntarily and almost magically step up, and now we need to give them a call for action. And, that is a uniquely American virtue and value that when there is crisis our patriots step up time and time again. But, now we have to raise the level because there’s a sense of urgency on this.

Glenn: I will tell you, Charlie, that I’ve talked to you about this for a few weeks, and I’ve told you that this audience is a remarkable audience. They’re the most giving. They are the hardest working. And, I don’t say this to dismiss any other audiences, because I know the power of other audiences. This one’s just different, and they will engage.

And, so I urge you, please, this will make the entire election and everything you’re about to go through worthless in the end if they get up to two-seventy. It’s got to be stopped—Maine, Minnesota, Arizona, North Carolina are the ones that are closest, but they’re working this everywhere, so please get involved. If you can, donate money for this to TPUSA. Go to TPUSA.com. Charlie is really leading this, and I look to him on how we can assist Turning Point to be able to stop this, because this changes us overnight, and, really, forever. I think, we lose this—we lose. We lose!

Charlie: Right. Exactly. Thank you, so much, Glenn, for the opportunity. Thank you.

Please note: Charlie Kirk references the INVC above. The compact is also popularly known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). Here is a great article from americanthinker.com explaining their idea of how to defeat the NPVIC, or INVC. –s.a. bort