Photo copyright by Stephen Bort (2012)

This is an email I just sent to someone I’ve know since 1978, my oldest friend.  Over the years, and especially recently, partisan politics have divided our country as surely as the North and South.  I would attribute “the first shot”  to NPR’s Nina Totenberg, who convinced Anita Hill to take [now Supreme Court justice] Clarence Thomas to court over an alleged office joke [for opposing histories, see: and].  Then, on its bootheels came the presidency of Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  Now, it’s the Red, the Blue and the Constitutionalists.  Now it’s the “Us and Them” that Richard Wright wrote about in his masterpiece for Pink Floyd.

At some point, one must take a stand.  At some point, one must decide with whom to fight alongside.  The “division bell” is now tolling loud and clear, with the re-election of President Barack Obama and the looming of the next four years in which he will attempt to negate The Constitution and order a third term for himself.

There is a film, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” originally filmed in 1956 from the Jack Finney novel of 1954.  The film was directed by Don Siegel, who later directed Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry.”  In Finney’s story, the earth is methodically taken over by aliens.  Each “Human Being” with their own characteristics and diversity, gradually but surely become “Pods.”  Pods have none of the individual characteristics or diversity that define Human Beings.  They are equal in being unequal and unfree, the antithesis of the equality and freedom and sovereignty granted by the American Constitution.  By the end of the film, all Human Beings, except for one man, have been converted to Pods.  His fate, as the earth’s, is sealed.

With that in mind, here is the email I sent to my “friend” of thirty-four years this morning in response to the recent sale of 20% of Current TV by Al Gore to Al Jazeera, but mostly in response to his provocation to me by email in his referring to me, apparantly, by his “streetname” for me.  Friend:  “After mistakenly calling ‘Al Jazeera’ ‘Al Qaeda,’ Beck states:  ‘What’s the difference?’  Who would watch news from someone who said that!!!  You better know the difference dumbf***er!.”  My friend has since emailed me and clarified that his “streetname” was directed at Glenn Beck and not at me.

Me:  “Al Jazeera was/is the voice of Al Qaeda.  Al Gore fully sides with Al Jazeera, so much so that the former Vice President/almost President of America sold out his media interests to them [Al Jazeera] instead of an American [Glenn Beck], adding, that his values more aligned with those of Al Jazeera.

Here’s the logic:  If Al Jazeera is the voice of Al Qaeda, then they are of the same body.  If Al Gore aligns his values with Al Jazeera, and Al Jazeera is of the same body as Al Qaeda, then Al Gore, former Vice President/almost President of America aligns his values with Al Qaeda.  If you (my “friend”] align yourself with Al Gore, then you align yourself with the voice/body of Al Qaeda.

But then, logic is foreign to you now, Mr. Podboy. right?”