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a.ware.ness1.  The state of having knowledge or cognizance gained through one’s own perceptions or by means of information.  2.  Vigilant; watchful.  3.  Sensible, awake.

par.a.digmn.  1. One that serves as a pattern or model.  2.  A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.  [para-, alongside; + deigma, to show.]

pos.i.tive pol.i.tics1.  Characterizing or displaying affirmation toward measured progress within the art and science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.  2.  Characterizing or displaying a distancing from intrigue or maneuvering within a political unit or group in order to gain control or power.  [polites, citizen.  polis, city.]

ra.di.o.head:  Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway.

–Stephen Bort/essaybee2012

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Versatile Blogger Award  28 January 2012

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3 thoughts on “about this site”

  1. Thank you deciding to follow my blog…I hope you will enjoy the trip.

    Be encouraged!


    • You’re welcome! I’m embarrassed that I didn’t quite a while ago. I get caught up in life a lot and probably need to slow down more. There are sites that I follow that I care about a lot because they are really great people from all around the world. I keep telling myself to slow down to check their postings more, and I think that following your blog will be a wakeup call to me to do just that. i look forward to your site.


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