This is a post I submitted a few moments ago to regarding their posting:  “Beck Radio Crew Cautions ‘Overzealous’ Paul Supporters:  You Make Him Less Attractive to the Average Person:”  At issue are two points of contention with Ron Paul critics:  1.  The “colorful” element of Paul supporters who support him without argument and who sometimes express belief in the “‘Elders of Zion’ and various ‘Jewish conspiracies'”; and 2.  the foreign policy of Paul, which strictly calls for non-foreign intervention by the United States.


Posted on January 12, 2012 at 8:42am [6:42 MST] [Revised]

There was a time in America’s golden age when people could recognize and live peacefully with their “village idiots.”  Now, in our world of partisan butchery, in which even Glenn Beck appears to participate, village idiots are used for guess what?  Partisan butchery.

I still like Beck and consider him a Godsend.  No candidate is going to be 100% a David against the far-left Goliath.  Even Beck seems to want to believe in Ron Paul as the closest candidate in the pack to defend our efforts in taking back America.

I say it doesn’t matter, in a constitutional sense, what Dr. Paul‘s foreign policy is or isn’t.  It matters what the majority of grassroots voters and their representatives in Congress want.  Who really believes that Paul won’t take an aggressive stance toward the caliphate if voters and Congress, constitutionally, demand it?

Beck, of all people on this planet, should understand that and not use America’s village idiots to stand in the way of that understanding.  –SB