zen of writing

CNN.com’s fake news on Elizabeth Warren  9 February 2017

On PRIMARY SOURCES  22 July 2016

One Hundred Books Famous in Children’s Literature (2014)  15 December 2014

C.S. Lewis: His November birth and death; his legacy of “belief”  29 November 2014

Thanksgiving and the science of gratitude  28 November 2014

Majoring in English or “Getting a job”  21 November 2014

“Hunger Games:” It’s Graeco-Roman roots  21 November 2014

Esoteric writing: a book review  (27 October 2014)

Ghoulash: a poem  (22 October 2014)

Story-telling: To our children’s children’s children  (15 October 2014)

Therapy of writing  (24 September 2014)

A Spoonful Of Effort Helps Competent Grammar Go Down  (10 September 2013)

Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language.”  (28 June 2013)

Ink to Soul:  a poem  (23 June 2013)

[(i > d) > p] + a = V  (24 July 2012)

In honor of Ray Bradbury  (06 June 2012)

Saint Stephen the Martyr and Dylan’s rainy day Medusas  (3 June 2012)

No Wind Blows in Favor of a Ship Without Direction?  (2 February 2012)

The Wilderness of Words: rocks, trees, clouds, mountains and mental valleys  (27 January 2012)

Immigrant Fiction:  The Literature of Crossings, Uprooting and Transplantation  (22 January 2012)

Four maxims on habit formulation, or: “Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative; latch on to the affirmative; don’t mess with mister in-between”  11 January 2012

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