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Meghan McCain’s eulogy for her father, certainly revered from above by her anti-Trump father, was powerful, memorable, and one of the most ever heart-wrenching tributes to a girl’s father.

The gathering was an equally full honors-to-McCain majority of the most powerful statesmen and stateswomen in American politics within the last fifty years–and easily one of the most populated with never-Trumpers. Perhaps a wry counter-poke at the packed crowds of faithful and fervent “parishioners” who regularly flock to the now frequent Trump rallies.

Trump has his fresh populist followers, wheras McCain had his seasoned establishment legions from both sides of the historic political aisle–the “swamp.”

The service was full of recognition for the real-life valor that John McCain had earned, along with a disheartening peppering of beyond-the-grave and frankly hateful jabs, animated by what he had become in the last years of his life.

I will try to remember him for what he was.

As he has in the recent past communicated on camera to me and those like me who don’t like what he became, I’m sure he would gladly shout the same directly to my face–that we could all: “Go to hell!”

For the bitterly hateful and disrespectful-of-the-office-of-the-presidency legacy that he unashamedly, even proudly, left behind at the end of his long trail, I would likewise shout the same to his face.

However tragic he became, though, I sincerely pray for his eternal rest in the Lord!

by S.A. Bort

photo from: https://www.npr.org/2018/09/01/643975364/photos-honoring-sen-john-mccain