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Anthony Perkins as Inspector Javert

President Trump rang out his highest job approval rating EVER, 46%, in the newest Gallup Poll between 4/17-4/30 of 2019.

For the period of 4/26-5/12 (yesterday), Trump marked a 45.3% overall job approval rating in the Real Clear Politics Poll of Polls, his highest number there since February 4th of 2017 (46% on that day).

[ 16 May 2019 UPDATE: 51% Job Approval in Zogby polls. Highest of Trump’s entire presidency. 60% among rural voters!!

majority of millennials (18-29) approve of the president (51%); even more of the age group from 25-34 approves of him (53%), and even more of those aged 35-54 (59%). 58% of men approved of Trump, a slim minority of women (48%) approved of him.

48% of suburban voters approved of Trump and a whopping 60% of rural voters approved.” ]

The red-state voters–his core plus those others who are likewise impressed by his overall economic majesty–have begun rallying up the strength of his re-electability in 2020.

Nietzsche wrote in Ecce Homo (1908): “What does not kill him makes him stronger.” My May 5th blog post of the same title described, through a reprint of “All the Progressive Plotters” by Victor Davis Hanson, attempt after attempt after attempt, each calculated by blue-state Democrats and Republican NeverTrumpers to bring Trump down, from the time before his inauguration to now.

Their present attempt aims at bringing down perceived Trump-ally, Attorney General Barr, in order, somehow, to get to Trump. They’ve had no success in more than two years, with millions of dollars and the payrolling (with our tax money) of, likely, more than a hundred lawyers and congressional committee members.

Now comes the latest two strategies. First, Thomas Friedman (opinion writer for the NYT and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner), in a May 9th New York Times (NYT) article, stated outright: “For America to stay America, Trump has to be defeated. . . . How did we let this grifter take over our party?”

Our party? Where exactly are all of the November 2016, election-winning deplorables in his equation? In reality, Donald Trump was duly elected in a Constitutionally valid election. He did not steal the election, as many blue-state voters still believe to the pit of their souls. One may not want the Electoral College to exist, but it does, and it did, and it mattered in the last election. No thievery or predicate for an endless, criminal manhunt occurred.

Friedman, incredulously, then proposed: “We need a Republican third-party candidate who won’t just primary Trump but will get on the general election ballot and challenge him in 2020 in all 50 states — from his right, not from the center.” He continued, “we need a Republican who will do the most high-minded, patriotic thing I can imagine today — fall on the Trump grenade. That is, run against Trump from the right in the national election as, say, a libertarian — who could oppose Trump . . . This could siphon off just enough Republican votes for Trump to lose close races in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Florida.”

A Republican who would patriotically fall on a “Trump grenade?” One who would run to the right of Trump so that a Democrat could win? Who, exactly, exists to the right of Trump? Neo-Nazis? White-supremacists? Friedman, I would wager, already believes that Trump fits into those two categories.

He concluded his argument, calling for “a Democratic candidate who can appeal not only to Democrats but also hold the independents, moderate Republicans and suburban women whose votes shifted the House to the Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections and whose support will be vital for any Democrat to win the presidency.”

NeverTrumpers don’t take Friedman completely serious, but the gears have been turning in their minds toward a similar plot. That’s where the second strategy comes in. They–politicians like Mitt Romney or Ben Sasse–already have been whispering of running someone to the left of Trump as a moderate, third-party candidate (everyone pretty much accepts that Trump, in fact, will become the Republican nominee in 2020).

If that moderate candidate then campaigned hard enough in middle-American states like Ohio and Wisconsin, those that played a crucial role in electing Trump, then those NeverTrumpers, conceivably, might draw enough moderate votes away from Trump, like in Friedman’s plan, in order to allow a Democrat to win. That’s how deep the roots of Friedman’s, the Democrats’, and the NeverTrumpers’ obsessions to bring down Trump have traveled. They all recognize that there are, in fact, many Republicans who would rather have a Democrat win than to have Trump, a Republican, re-elected.

Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Friedman, dead-serious in his quest for justice, had his proposal published less than a week ago on the NYT op-ed page.

It could be argued that these Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and media icons like Friedman are mirroring, pathetically, Inspector Javerts, in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables (1862). Javerts pursued the thief, Jean Valjean, for years and years and years, believing that, one glorious day, he would catch and imprison him. Valjean had been a thief. Trump did not, however, steal an election from “our party.”

Javerts ended up slipping into madness and committing suicide. Let’s all hope the blue-state Jaberts‘ don’t mirror that final plot twist.

by: s.a.bort / 13 May 2019