Blogging: truest form of uncensored (hopefully) global dialogue that I know of.  Liberte!

Book translations:  so I can read writings from all regions of our world.

A brief history of the turkey’s role in Thanksgiving  30 November 2014

Constitution, The:  without which America would have long ago spun fatefully closer to the icy poles of anarchism or fascism.

Espresso:  with just-enough honey.

Flight For Life Helicopters

Gel-pad shoe inserts:  for my feet along the path I walk.

Hot tub: outdoors–for sunrises; sunsets; stars; satellites; meteor showers; full moons; new moons; snow; passenger planes flying high overhead with who knows what big-people or little-people are on board; prayers to and for the souls of friends and relatives who’ve passed on; a bittersweet and woody pint of decent Porter; calming the body, mind and spirit; and time away from the machine.

Libraries:  so I can read for free all the books I could never afford to buy.

Lincoln and the Civil War: When Thanksgiving began  26 November 2014

Memory cards: for random-playing my music library at home, in the car or on foot.

Music: surely God’s truest clarion toward goodness and revolution throughout the spheres of our existence.  The truest language that unifies all.

My hummingbird buddies 10 August 2018

PANDORA: has revolutionized the radio, the iPod, 45’s. 33 1/3’ds, cassettes, albums, CD’s–all of it.  Pure joy!

Pilgrim tenacity and the first Thanksgiving  30 November 2014


Porter Ale:  just enough bitter, just enough sweet, with just enough alcohol.

Refuge space: therapy

Rock Steady boxing: outstanding for Parkinson’s Disease and general physical exercise.

Shower:  I grew up with bathtubs

Sinus Rinse: (NeilMed):  maximizes oxygen to the brain, Washes germs away and intensifies the quality of each breath.

Thanksgiving and the science of gratitude  28 November 2014

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