This is a post I submitted a few moments ago to regarding their posting: “Glenn Beck to O’Reilly: Ron Paul Needs to ‘Shhhh,’ Gingrich is ‘Big Government Progressive’ and ‘Romney Scares Me’” :


Posted on January 20, 2012 at 10:26am [8:26am MST]  [Expanded]

I guess I can understand Beck in this sense:  There was a time when I agreed with Glenn far more than I do now.  I still watch his show, but it’s getting dicey.  He said on his show recently that he agrees with Ron Paul on about 50% of the issues.  My agreement with Beck may sink lower than that.  So, would I vote for Beck if he were running for president, like Dr. Ron Paul is?  There was a time when I probably would have (his second year at FOX).  Now, the answer would be no, just like his is now no to Dr. Paul.

Here’s how I see it, although I still don’t completely understand why I’m seeing what I’m seeing:  Beck is in the tank for the capitalist machine (Romney), even though he calls Romney scary.  He’s also in the tank for Israel.  I’ve been to Israel twice on biblical pilgrimages, during the Intifadah in the mid-late Eighties.  I support an Israeli state alongside a Palestinian state.  Beck seems to support Israel OVER our American Constitution, as if his status as a Christian soldier supercedes constitutional limits on foreign aggression.  Beck was the one who championed the Constitution in his early years.  Now he’s on a white horse, as some Lancelot against the caliphate.  If anyone is delusional out there about America’s foreign policy, it’s Beck.

What makes him different from the caliphate, in this sense–that God’s on HIS side?  The caliphate says God is on THEIR side.  Beck, it seems, wants to use America’s power to create a Christian caliphate–because God is on his side, and he’s the “white knight?”  Take out the caliphate as an constitutional nation, not a Christian nation, I say.  Beck, of all people, should understand this.