global chessboard

End of 20th century and era with Trump presidency: Germany,s Frank-Walter Steinmeier  22 January 2016

Faith upholds humanity and liberty: Hawking and Pinker’s flawed logic  17 January 2017

Norway boots church from state after nearly 500 years of unity  17 January 2017

Interview with Vienna’s Cardinal Christoph Schonborn: The rise of Islam and fall of Christianity in Europe  16 January 2017

Francis, pope of the global left?  16 January 2017

The new nationalism vs. globalism in America and Europe  12 January 2017

Francois Fillon’s unabashed catholicism  12 January 2017

Marine Le Pen, populism in Europe and French independence  12 January 2017

Italy boots out illegal aliens  12 January 2017

“Brexit” makes the Oxford English Dictionary  12 January 2017

The Coming European Revolution  22 December 2016

The Trump Effect 6 December 2016

Angela Merkel calls for ban on full facial veils  6 December 2016

Slovakia moves to bar Islam  2 December 2016

Christ proclaimed King of Poland  29 November 2016

Kemal, Erdogan, Gulen and the Clintons  1 August 2016

Austria to block migrants with expanded border wall  31 July 2016

Famous International Socialists  5 February 2016

America is not at war with Muslims  13 December 2015

Classic Propaganda Techniques and Barack Obama  6 December 2015

Russia + Syria + Iran = End Times?  5 October 2015

Is Pope Francis a conservative?  30 September 2015

The ISIS Apocalypse  29 September 2015

ISIS as “The Walking Dead”  22 February 2015

Obama vs. Guiliani and Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: The gloves are on!  21 February 2015

Blind Obama  19 February 2015

“The Walking Dead” phenomenon: Why?  16 February 2015

Anti-war elements of “American Sniper”  31 January 2015

Piers Morgan responds to controversial comments by Pope Francis  16 January 2015

Pope Francis defends freedom of expression but cautions against insulting religions  15 January 2015

The Magical Mystery Corruptour (Little Piggies)  14 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo cover page for newest issue 13 January 2015

Russia bans LGBT’s from highways  12 January 2015

Je suis Charlie!  12 January 2015

Pope Francis reiterates Pope Paul VI: “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures”  13 December 2014

Obama to America: No “credible evidence” that Muslim Brotherhood is committed to violence  1 December 2014

Islamic State’s “grave sin against God”  1 December 2014

Banned in Bangkok: The Hunger Games and its libertarian themes  23 November 2014

Christianity fit for atheists: A book review  22 November 2014

Pope Francis to make first visit to America  18 November 2014

“Flipper”-tronics identifies melting polar ice caps  12 November 2014

Bones of ice age babies  12 November 2014

Homes and destinations: Sultry Vietnam  11 November 2014

Missile-silo condominiums–Yikes!  10 November 2014

Homes and destinations: Mödlareuth (“Little Berlin), Germany (marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall)  8 November 2014

Pope Francis: “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation.”  2 November 2014

Credible deathbed epiphany of extraterrestrial captives?  (31 October 2014)

Horror monsters: Antidote to our own global insecurities and technological progress?  (30 October 2014)

Vatican launches “Holyween”  (29 October 2014)

Cuba warms to Vatican  (29 October 2014)

Our Anthropocene epoch?  (17 October 2014)

Four Blood Moons: It’s theory explained: 5 of 5  (12 October 2014)

Four Blood Moons: It’s theory explained: 4 of 5  (11 October 2014)

Four Blood Moons: It’s theory explained: 3 of 5  (10 October 2014)

Four Blood Moons: It’s theory explained: 2 of 5  (9 October 2014)

Four Blood Moons: It’s theory explained: I of 5  (8 October 2014)

The Rapture: Common theories, sources, history and speculation  (1 October 2014)

Kirk, Spock and “the enemy of my enemy is my friend:” A history  (29 September 2014)

Orwell as oracle  (29 September 2014)

People’s Republic rises against China  (28 September 2014)

A retooled Foreign Legion to counter ISIS? A critique  (26 September 2014)

India reaches red planet’s orbit on first attempt  (26 September 2014)

Travels of Marco Polo included discovery of America 200 years before Columbus?  (26 September 2014)

IS, ISIS, or ISIL–or Daesh? France now says, “Daesh!”  (22 September 2014)

IS, ISIS, or ISIL? Hmm!  (15 September 2014)

World War III is here? Pope Francis says yes  (13 September 2014)

Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with 10 common knowledge questions:  (27 July 2014)

Benghazi “Definitive Report”  (10 September 2013)

Three Essays Advocating the Abolishing of Money:  III.  “Imagining Earth (Without Money)”  (7 August 2013)

Three Essays Advocating The Abolishing Of Money:  II.  “The Travail of Wage Labor”  (2 August 2013)

Three Essays Advocating The Abolishing Of Money:  I.  “The Lower Depths of Capitalism”  (1 August 2013)

Boomercrits:  a poem  (23 May 2013)

“Apart from the church it is not possible to find Jesus.” –Pope Francis / 23 April 2013  (17 May 2013)

Is Pope Francis a Socialist ?  (16 May 2013)

Benghazi Cover-up 5.10.2013:  ABC News and The Weekly Standard Open the Spill Gates  (10 May 2013)

Beck’s sources confirm Benghazi cover-up in 6 days; Rivera’s in 8 months.  (10 May 2013)

Muslim Brotherhood Resource Update  (20 April 2013)

Boston Bombing:  Beck Connects The Dots  (18 April 2013)

Pope Francis:  His First Homily:  the Journey – Walking, Building, Professing  (15 March 2013)

Pope Francis of Argentina: a Response to “Urbi et Orbi” (to the City and the World)  (14 March 2013)

is there anybody, out there?  just nod if you can hear me.  (8 January 2013)

society, psychoses and weapons:  what to do?  pt. 2  (4 January 2013)

society, psychoses and weapons:  what to do?  (3 January 2013)

Benghazi Cover-up 10.10.2012:  State Department Monitored the 9.11 Murder of Four Americans “in almost real time”  (16 October 2012)

Benghazi Cover-up 9.24.2012:  State Department Hillary Aide Tells Reporter to “F*** Off”  (16 October 2012)

Benghazi Cover-up 9.17.2012:  The Theory of What Really Went Down  (16 October 2012)

Ron Paul to co-opt irrelevant Republican Party? Campaign Manager says: “Let the fight begin.”  (14 August 2012)

And the newest “Arrogant Hypocritical Bastard Award” for exploiting the Aurora Tragedy goes to–  (02 August 2012)

Some friendly facebook exchanges from this morning…  (8 July 2012)

Glenn Beck COWARDS on the shelves today  (13 June 2012)

Blogosphere governance?  7 May 2012

Cardinal Takes Over for Bishop and Advances on King  (8 March 2012)

The President Caves to Georeligious Powers on Obamacare  (10 February 2012)

Georeligious Power: A Paris Revolution. A Polish Revolution. An American Revolution?  (30 January 2012)

Without Power, Starfish Prime and the Good Side of Fear  (25 January 2012)

Glenn Beck: Christian White-Knight Wannabe against the Muslim Caliphate?  (20 January 2012)

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