"I, Francis" by Carlo Carretto.  Orbis Books. 1982.

“I, Francis” by Carlo Carretto. Orbis Books. 1982.

FROM: http://www.news.va/en/news/cardinal-jorge-mario-bergoglio-elected-pope-takes-      13 March 2013:

At 8:24pm, [Pope] Francis, preceded by the Cross, appeared at the Loggia of the brightly lit Vatican Basilica.  Before imparting the “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and the world) apostolic blessing, he greeted the enormous crowd that had been gathering all afternoon in cold and rainy St. Peter’s Square saying:

“Dear brothers and sisters,

Good evening. You know that the duty of the Conclave was to give Rome a bishop.  It seems that my brother cardinals picked him from almost the ends of the earth. . . .

And now let us begin this journey, bishop and people, this journey of the Church of Rome, which is the one that leads all the churches in charity. A journey of fraternity, of trust between us. Let us always pray for one another.  Let us pray for the world so that this might be a great brotherhood.  I hope that this journey of the Church that we begin today, . . .will be fruitful . . .

. . . first I ask a favour of you.  Before the bishop blesses the people, I ask that you pray to the Lord that He bless me:  the prayer of the people asking a blessing for their bishop.  Let us pray in silence, this your prayer for me. . . .”

Statue on public display in Key West, Florida. Photo by S.A.Bort--2012

Statue on public display in Key West, Florida. Photo by S.A.Bort–2012

My response:

In the above first words spoken by Pope Francis “to the city and the world,” there is one theme which stands out:  the theme of the “journey.”  He mentions the word four times.

Secondly, he speaks of himself as coming from “almost the ends of the earth.”  This can be taken literally as a nod to his native country of Argentina, which is nearer to the South Pole than to the Vatican, south of the equator and within the Americas–the “New World,” where no pope has journeyed from before.

I would say that it could also refer to the “ends” of the economic spectrum, within the Third World, or worse—within the poor—within the heart of poverty.  He uses the word “charity” as a goal in which he, as pope, will lead “all the churches.”

He speaks as much of we the people as he speaks of himself, or the Vatican.  He speaks of “trust between us . . . for one another . . . a great brotherhood.”  He then asks from “the people . . . your prayer for me.

From these first words spoken to the city and the world by Pope Francis, I foresee a pope in tune with the poor, with poverty in the Third World.

I see a pope who wishes to unite those of wealth and power in the “First World” with those of little or nothing—“a great brotherhood” of trust “for one another.”  A perilous and mindful descent for many, indeed!

There is much secularism in “the city and the world.”  Much Sodomic perversion that has spread like a back-alley addiction through all forms and families of human life.

There is much distrust, even hatred, for the Roman Catholic faith and for the Vatican hierarchy.

Will he lead those, who have danced to a different piper away from the church, back into the “great brotherhood?”

Will he lead full-blown capitalists and power-brokers to “charity” toward those who suffer poverty?

Will he bring together those of other faiths into the “brotherhood” as trustees of one another’s differences?

I stand with hope, but we will see, in moving forward, on this quite mysterious journey.

Jean at Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado.  Photo by S.A. Bort 2011.

Jean at Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado. Photo by S.A. Bort 2011.

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