From bell bottoms to suits—

and “The Division Bell.”

From flowers and IED’s,


to rage (within) the machine.

Welcome to the Machine.”


From peace and love—

to “all you masters of war.”

From altered states—

to “I Want a New Drug.”

From “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

(in a Garden of Eden?)—

to “in the white room with black curtains…”

all “gold pavements.”


What’s the buzz?  Tell me what’s a-happening…

Why are you obsessed with fighting

times and fates you can’t defy?”

From “Hair, flow it, show it,

long as God can grow it, my hair”—

to GQ and Elle Manniquinland.


Two-compassed Janus’s—

Two faces for each coin.

Who can I turn to?”

See Me, Feel Me, Touch me, Heal me.”

by S.A. Bort

[This poem was inspired by a writing by Anneliese M. G.]

photo:  From left: Greg Orme, Kelli Allman, President Obama and Megan Hughes at Allman’s parents’ house in Honolulu. / Kelli Allman/Contact Press Images

Hair the Musical -1968

Hair the Musical -1968