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Fetullah Gulen. AFP Photo/Selahattin Sevi

Fethullah Gulen. AFP Photo/Selahattin Sevi

This is a Facebook exchange between my nephew and I from July 31  – Aug 1, 2016:  –SAB


Me:  “I thought Erdogan [,Tayip] was the bad guy.  He’s an Islamist fighting against secularism.  I had heard of Gulen [,Fethullah] , but didn’t know anything about him.  I suspected that he wanted to overthrow Islamism in Turkey.  I’m confused.”



NephewIs taxpayer money from his schools being funneled into Hillary’s campaign though?  I’ve read that from at least 3 articles, at least one says it’s quoting court documents.

Me: [After viewing the above video]  The secularists in Turkey, what are left of them, follow Kemal [Mustafa Kemal Ataturk] who was also a secularist back in the early 20th century.  Erdogan and Gulen are pro-jihadist, Islamic fundamentalists who both seek the return of shariah law and the Caliphate.  They had a recent power split.  Erdogan wants to be, essentially, the “Sultan of the Caliphate,” a return to the Ottoman Empire, before Kemal had secularized it.  Gulen wants to run, essentially, the same Islamic State from his billions-dollars compound in the Poconos of Pennsylvania through the educational programs he has set up throughout many U.S. states, using taxpayer dollars. 

Erdogan wants Gulen extradited to Turkey where he can imprison him, thus consolidating his sole power.  The FBI has investigated Gulen, and is continuing to investigate him, but cannot pin him down for breaking any laws.  The U.S., therefore, has no basis to extradite him.

The above Washington Times article is unabashedly pro-Erdogan and anti-Gulen. The large rally in Germany shows just how far-reaching is Erdogan’s influence in Europe, however Gulen has graduates of his schools placed throughout Turkey in business, legislative, police and judicial positions, too many for Erdogan to eliminate. 

One thing for sure, the Kemal movement is dead, and Erdogan and Gulen are no friends to NATO.  The migration of ISIS jihadists from Syria to Turkey to Europe will continue.  As far as Hillary’s Clinton Foundation connection to Gulen, I still know nothing about that.



MeA complex and murky character, indeed!