Animal Planet’s ‘Finding Bigfoot’ show films in Bailey:

Dozens turn out to share their stories.

Bigfoot searchers

Bigfoot searchers

The hosts of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” listen to the crowd gather at the Sept. 8 filming of the show.  (Photo by Mike Potter/The Flume)

Co-executive producer

Co-executive producer

Chad Hammel, the co-executive producer of “Finding Bigfoot,” explains to the crowd how the taping of the show would work. “Finding Bigfoot” was filming in the Bailey area on Sept. 8. (Photo by Mike Potter/The Flume)

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 2:47 pm                        

Updated: 11:30 pm, Fri Sep 14, 2012.

Animal Planet’s ‘Finding Bigfoot’ show films in Bailey / Mike Potter, Staff Writer

As many as 75 people packed into a meeting room at the Bailey Lodge in Bailey on Sept. 8 to discuss the fabled Bigfoot and to take part in the taping of a second-season episode of the TV show “Finding Bigfoot.”

The cast and crew from “Finding Bigfoot,” Animal Planet’s second-most-watched show, taped stories from the audience about close encounters with the elusive creature known as Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch.

Chad Hammel, the co-executive producer for “Finding Bigfoot,” described the show as a quasi-documentary that follows four Sasquatch hunters around North America searching for evidence of the creature’s existence.

Hammel told The Flume that he’s not convinced of the creature’s existence, but he’s seen some “peculiar” evidence while producing the show.

The show featuring Bailey will air during the second season of “Finding Bigfoot” sometime in March, Hammel said.

That show will feature previously unaired footage of a possible Bigfoot shot in the Colorado wilderness in 1963.

The footage wasn’t shown to the crowd at the taping, but Hammel said it was an 8 mm film shot by a Boy Scout.

The footage shows a Sasquatch-like creature traipsing through the snow, said Hammel.

It isn’t the famous footage most people associate with Bigfoot, he said.  That would be the Patterson-Gimlin film shot in 1967 near Orleans, Calif.

When the meeting got under way, the hosts of “Finding Bigfoot” listened to stories from the crowd about possible Sasquatch encounters.

James “Bobo” Fay, a Bigfoot researcher from California and a self-described squatcher (Sasquatch-watcher), told the crowd that he wasn’t surprised about the high concentration of Bigfoot sightings in Colorado.

“This is amazing habitat for Sasquatches,” he said.

He said the mountains provide opportunity for the Sasquatches to go up in elevation in warm weather, and to go down in elevation when it’s too cold.  They can also travel up and down mountainsides looking for food sources.

He also said that with the recent wildfires in Colorado, they possibly displaced Sasquatches from their natural habitats, meaning there’s an increased chance for them to cross paths with humans.

Matt Moneymaker, a Bigfoot investigator and founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, told people in the crowd that he had no doubt about the existence of Sasquatches.

“I know they’re here,” he said.

Rounding out the hosts are Ranae Holland, a South Dakota Bigfoot researcher, and Cliff Barackman, a Bigfoot researcher from California.

According to the “Finding Bigfoot” website, Holland doesn’t believe in the existence of Sasquatches.

They listened as people shared stories and displayed photos of what they believe are Sasquatch encounters.

Some of the stories came from encounters inside Park County.

Kate Murphy, owner of the Bailey Lodge, said that she’d had an encounter while walking through the woods with her friend.

She described it as seeing something in the woods that took off running.

She said it was larger than a man, and it had an inhuman stride.

Another attendee described seeing two figures walking along a meadow during a hike near Hartsel.

He said he was up on a ridge when he saw two figures walking about a half a mile below.

The two figures walked at a brisk pace through the meadow, he said.  Both were completely brown, and they didn’t appear to be human.

Daniel Masias, who lives at the base of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, brought stories and photographs that he said showed Sasquatches walking through his yard.

He first started seeing strange footprints in his yard during the winter of 1982.

In recent years, he’s set up cameras to take pictures at night.  He said those cameras have captured what can only be Bigfoot.

“I’ve got pictures of what I believe are Bigfoots,” he said.

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