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Louis Armstrong painted on wall of Denver, Colorado's Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (The Other Side) by Jared Hankins. The building , in the famous Harlem-like Five Points area, where beat poets Jack Keroauc and Neal Cassady once reveled to the hip, dance-inspiring "black music," housed the Casino Caberet where icons of the jazz/swing era once jammed. Photo by S.A. Bort 2012.

The thread of Sutra reads west to east in the first line, east to west in the second line, and so forth as the arrows continue to indicate the flow of the thread.

Sutra is about the material of human chaos out of which we thread an order.  It is also about how we try to make human, or spiritual, connections that perhaps cannot ever be made except through art—Michelangelo, Botticelli, jazz, Louis Armstrong, poetry . . .

I have the idea of “soulmate” included, as a concept of connecting in a way that can only be imagined.

The words in (parentheses) denote TIME.  The words in [brackets] denote SPACE.  There are italicized words which denote human EMOTION or feeling, such as “wanting” or “desiring.”  Denotations of ART are in the font of “Matisse ITC.”  All other texts are in the font of “Times New Roman.”  These could be read as minor threads within the larger thread.

I used text size to denote a thread of order out of chaos.  The largest size, 20 pt., is for that which we order as a highest being; the 16 pt, for that which is human; followed by 14 pt, italicized, for that which is sub-human in nature, such as “feral,” “spiders” or “dogs.”  The smallest texts, of no particular denotation, are 10 pt.

The Creation of Adam - Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo

TOP PHOTO:  Louis Armstrong, painted on a wall of Denver, Colorado’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (The Other Side), by Jared Hankins.  The building once housed the Casino Caberet, in the famous Harlem-like Five Points area, where beat poets Jack Keroauc and Neal Cassady once reveled to the hip, soul-inspiring “black ‘sutras'” of jazz/swing era icons.  Photo by S.A. Bort 2012.

Sutra was published by Brandon Stroud of HobGob Press in his previous online magazine for experimental works of art–The Oracle:  Art, Essays And Blogs, a part of HobGob Press [http://www.bmstroud.com/hobgob-press.html].

I appear within the chapbook:  “god: by 100 poets,” published by and available from HobGob Press [see  http://www.bmstroud.com/ also].  The poem is in stream-of-consciousness, spoken-word form and documents what one-hundred very different individuals think of God today–a Zeitgeist:  “The spirit of the time, the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation,” as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th edition.

There is much more joy of hip and danceable, experimental art to be found at http://www.bmstroud.com/ and http://www.bmstroud.com/hobgob-press.html.  Please visit there–and enjoy!  Be sure to check out Stroud’s incredible resume, including his work with autism, acting and spoken-word poetry.  Also check out his newest, and perhaps most important project, the Poetry Plague Project–a plague of poetry which will span the globe [http://www.bmstroud.com/poetic-plague-project.html].

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