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photo (2010) from http://heavy.com/news/2016/02/martin-marty-gottesfeld-anonymous-hacker-somerville-massachusetts-rescued-by-disney-cruise-wife-facebook-page/

Today, I received the following inquiry, due to my coverage of the Justina Pelletier case [ see https://whenisapartynotaparty.wordpress.com/free-justina/ ]:


I’m trying to reach out to see if you would be interested in covering this.
Marty is willing to die like Aaron [Swartz].  He’s being prosecuted by the same US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.  He’s a human rights activist for Institutionalized abuse.  He’s known in the Justina Pelletier case from Boston Children’s hospital.

Marty is now on his 66th day without food on a hunger strike in prison.  He’s lost over 40 pounds.  He was finally taken to a local hospital and has agreed to start consuming 1000 calories of fluids for a few weeks.  I would really like to work with you about his story and updates.  I can send you the formal press release if your interested.

April Love,
Campaign Manager”

Following is the formal press release:

FreeMartyG.com | @FreeMartyG | facebook.com/FreeMartyG


BOSTON, MA, December 8, 2016—Martin Gottesfeld, 32, is now entering his 65th day without food after announcing a hunger strike in the Huffington Post.  He reports losing a little over 40 pounds so far.

Gottesfeld has been in federal prison since his arrest on hacking charges in February.  Just prior to his arrest, he went missing for four weeks and was rescued in international waters just after his boat broke down.

He answered the charges in the Huffington Post, making a notable splash online by asserting that he acted in the defense of Pelletier, and therefore in accordance with both domestic law and international treaty.

Gottesfeld, an advocate for the rights of American children released the following statement:

“It’s inexcusable for the death and abuse of so many children to go unpunished.  We should do better for America’s youth.”

Gottesfeld speaks exclusively through his solidarity campaign FreeMartyG.  Journalists should not attempt to contact him elsewhere.

Media Contact:

Dana Gottesfeld




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