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The hummingbirds have left for the season,

A small footnote to the end of summer.

One chapter ends and another will begin, too soon.


The bigger creatures still fight at the feeders,

Treasuring their sugared water—

Juncos and woodpeckers, and a bandit raccoon.


Nature is always the first to sense change.

With nature, it’s wise to remain friends,

For this writer’s mind too easily now forgets.


Autumn is upon me, but it lurks ominously this time.

I now can feel the darkened air of October and November.

If I could have lingered in the sun—but, away with regrets!


It’s good to move forward and put to rest the past.

It’s good to smile and find better thermal underwear.

It’s good to examine one’s conscience and therapy to write.


Capturing this moment, at least, passes the time.

Better yet, it exercises these shaky hands.

Mostly, as summer turns to fall, I won’t abandon the fight.


poem by S.A. Bort:  15 September 2016

photo by S.A. Bort:  14 September 2016