when is a party not a party?

I recently bought a DVD box set with twenty spaghetti westerns (thirty-two hours worth), dating from 1963 to 1978.  The DVD was released through Mill Creek Entertainment.  It cost less than ten dollars, not even a fistful.  A couple nights ago, I watched the first one:  “Gunfight At Red Sands” (1964).

The movie itself was forgettable, but its theme song made me rub my scruffy chin.  The tune, sung by Dicky Jones, is called “A Gringo Like Me.”  It’s chorus line offered a twisted kind of logic, just twisted enough to make sense to me:  “There’s just one kind of man that you can trust / that’s a dead man / or a gringo like me.”  You can listen to it here:  [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G02b5pfnJYk ].

What made me stop and think was the word gringo.  I’m a wordsmith kind of a guy, and I can’t help but wonder…

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