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I was birthed into the Formosa Crisis
In January of 1955.
Red China was bombing the Formosa Nationalists
To take over the island.
Eisenhower flexed his muscles and threatened to bomb
The communists in defense of Formosa.
The Red Chinese thumbed their nose.

Atomic bomb tests were being conducted in Nevada.
The radio-active scare was well underway.

That was January of 1955.
What’s the difference today?
Mao Tse-tung’s Red Chinese are now just the Chinese—
Political correctness!
Formosa is now Taiwan.
The Atomic buildup is now the nuclear race, focused in
North Korea with “Lil’ Kim,” ad hominem,
And, Putin thumbs his nose at Obama.

Nothing seems to change.
Little rhyme to pushing, shoving and brinkmanship.
I’m 61 now, and nothing seems to change!
Very little rhyme or reason to conflict.
What’s a civilization to do?

by S.A. Bort / 20 May 2016