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A sunrise for each new day,

Beginning with this month of May.

Remnants of Colorado and pieces of Myrtle Beach

Form a horizon upon which your sun to lay.


Darkness dissipates with its night-light crescent.

Light shines clearer into this present.

Yellow-white ignites each tick of possibility

With blinking, each tock, and smiling—the pleasant.


Bad things may happen beneath your new sandy glow,

Things ahead of time you may not know.

Bury it all beneath this earth.

Murmur a prayer and let it go.


What else to do before the sun?

See, in all, crafty signs of the One.

Plant the signs, as seeds, within your heart.

Let them grow, and grow—till day is done.

poem and photo by S.A. Bort / 18 May 2016