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Ouch!  Things are heating up between The Donald and Miss Megyn.  –SB

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump  2h2 hours ago
“@gene70:  @FireFlyFury  @megynkelly  @realDonaldTrump And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions? ”


SisterShe didn’t criticize him.  She asked him a question about statements of his that degraded…not just objectified women…his own words.  It was a relevant question on a lot of peoples’ minds regarding how he views women.  She’s not running for president.  He is.

MeI wanted him to attend tonight’s debate.  Instead, he is holding his own event in Iowa to raise money for veterans.  He tweeted this morning that two of the candidates (unnamed) who are supposed to attend the debate want to attend his event instead.  Mark Cuban recently gave a list of things you need to know about Trump [see my post:  Dancing with the billionaires: Cuban vs. Trump]. One is that Trump “kills” his competition.  FOX will lose millions tonight, and Megyn will suffer the most embarrassing day of her life.  Trump, I believe, is doing this to show world leaders, and everyone else, that he means business when he wants to cut a deal.  This is how he runs for president because this is how he will roll as president.

SisterI agree this is how he’ll roll as president for sure…which very much cements why in my estimation he is most definitely NOT presidential material.  This act of his is to call attention on himself like everything else he does…to punish anyone who crosses him.  Trouble is, if he’s elected president, he’s going to be president of all the people in this country who he mocks, ridicules and hates on.  It’s the same thing as Obama has done…disregarding anyone who disagreed with him, only worse.  Because Trump doesn’t just ridicule and disregard those who disagree with him.  He seeks to take them down and destroy them.  That’s fine if you’re talking about an enemy who is seeking to destroy us…not when you’re talking about Americans.  We need someone who can bridge the divide in this country.  He will only widen it.  He would be a despot.

SisterI heard about the unnamed couple of candidates telling him they wanted to attend.  If it’s true and not just hot air he’s blowing, it’s probably people from the earlier debate.  I would guess Huckabee and Santorum perhaps.  As far as him attending, if he doesn’t attend, I will be absolutely delighted.  He sucks all the oxygen out of the air.  It’ll leave more serious candidates on the stage with more time if he’s not there.  That said, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he floats in on his helicopter at the very last moment just to make some grand, attention-seeking entrance.

MeHe has so many followers because so many are severely angry with Obama Democrats and GOP establishment Republicans that they want a president who will steamroll rampant corruption.  None of the other candidates fit that bill, and that is why he will win the nomination and presidency.  Too many people are angry enough to put him past the others.  If Hillary thinks she has problems now with the FBI, wait until Trump takes her on.  If Bernie Sanders thinks he has an uphill climb as a socialist candidate, he should think again.  If Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham think they’ll ride roughshod over Trump as “conservative Republican” senators, they should think again also.  Too many people are too angry.

SisterI’m angry too. I’m very angry at the status quo…at what the current administration has done to this country.  I want someone who will act responsibly and intelligently…not just react rashly.  And I want someone who I believe is who they say they are.  I even heard someone on one of the programs on FOX who knows and likes Trump say that he didn’t know what Trump was, but didn’t care.  That is SUCH a dangerous attitude.  I do think it’s very possible that Trump could win the nomination.  I hope not.  I do not think at all that he will win the presidency, and we’ll wind up with either Hillary or Sanders as president.

Me:  Great discussion!

Sister:  Love you.  🙂