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No Donald on the debate on Thursday?  First let me say:  I will believe it when I see it.

However this is not surprising if you follow the pattern of Donald Trump.

We already have a president who will not talk to Fox News.  Now Donald Trump?

Only liberal progressives block Fox.

But that isn’t the reason he is ducking.

This is his pattern.

He is trying to teach the press and Roger [Ailes] and his team at Fox.

“You play ball my way”.

Donald first sweet talks and is ‘generous.’

He then expects you to play ball.

If you do not he strikes hard.  Then gives you a chance to humiliate yourself by kissing his ring.

If you do not fold he continues to strike hard and uses every falsehood and Saul Alinsky tactic to isolate and polarize you.

His last move is to try to get you fired and completely discredited and isolated.

Like it or not this is his pattern.

In the end, he is not only teaching the victim a lesson but anyone else that dares even consider not doing as he says.

I spoke to a big conservative this week, who I admire and think is one of the most courageous people out there, this person called me ‘brave’.

When I asked why they are playing it so low key, they responded:

“Someone needs to play his game and hope to remain standing to influence”.


“Glenn, if he wins, what are you going to do?  He will use everything to destroy you!  Then you are out”.

This is what he is trying to do to Megyn Kelly.

The thing he doesn’t realize is, there are a few (very few) but a few that WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

I will never bow and lick the boot that kicks others.

You will not frighten me into silence.  I will speak my mind and stand for the rights of others to do the same.  EVEN IF IT IS A VIEW POINT I DISAGREE WITH.

I have been broke before.  It does not frighten me.  In the end, the only thing I will not
Lose is my honor.  You can smear me, but I and my God know who I am.

When you play life with an eternal perspective you truly are free.

Megyn is cut from the same cloth.  I do not know her
Motivation (spiritually) but I know that she is a strong woman that will not be bullied.

She will never give in as she is strong, smart and fair.  She was never out of line with her questioning.

Donald Trump is a bully and like all bullies he is afraid of people who are actually strong and truly self confident.

Megyn should be flattered.  Bullies don’t attack the weak.

They first go after the strongest first.  If they can beat them, the rest will fall in line.

This move against Megyn Kelly only strengthens my resolve and belief that he is a very dangerous man.

If you thought Obama was thinned skinned, vindictive, destructive and would us[e] the IRS, EPA or any other regulatory agency to get what he wanted, what do you think this guy will do?

It is time to tell the truth.

Megyn asked a fair question in the first debate five months ago.

He wanted to teach everyone in the press to fear him.  Fox did not fold and no matter how many hosts kiss his ring on air, unless and until Megyn folds or is fired he will not stop.

He is beyond destructive.  Here is the truth for anyone who cares to honestly look at his behavior.

I have had more than one medical professional warn me that Donald Trump is a pathological narcissistic sociopath.

I do not say that lightly nor to smear him.

Look the terms up and talk to psychiatric professionals.

A few have already written about this and spoken out.

While, I want to be clear as do they, no one can officially diagnosis this with out private sessions, I have had more than one professional have laugh at me when I suggested in Trumps defense that
maybe he “wasn’t a sociopath”.

I warn you with as much conviction as I warned in 1999 about Osama Bin Laden attacking NYC.  People on the right laughed at me.  Look what happened.

In 2006-7 I warned about the housing collapse.  People on both sides laughed and the right accused me of trying to hurt the GOPs chances of a win.  We almost collapsed the Global economy because of the housing and banking scandal.

I warned about the caliphate and we know what everyone said and what has happened.

I do not make predictions.  I look at things through the lens of history and then actually listen to what the people themselves say.

Donald Trump is telling you who he is everyday, but people only
listen to what they want to hear.

The scriptures teach us that when a people lose themselves to unrighteousness they “cry out for a King”.  This is what we are doing.  We must find our first principles again or we will joyfully welcome a king.

Donald Trump will be more than happy to be your king.

However, it is vital to remember, —-all kings have a dungeon.

And he is trying to put Megyn Kelly and anyone else that does not agree, say nice things about him, will not endorse or play by his rules in his dungeon right now.

I warn you:  Donald Trump or anyone that is a big government progressive with narcissistic tendencies who will preach populism and nationalism in a time of economic and social unrest is a dangerous road to go down.

This is not about Donald Trump.

I did several shows at Fox warning the RIGHT to be careful as this was easily the next step of they didn’t guard against anger, even if justified, and progressivism.

This is not personal.  This is history and if it wasn’t him, it will be someone else.

Don’t believe me!  Don’t ever take my word or anyone else’s for it.

Read history.

Start with Father Coug[h]lin.  Of course there are many other examples from Venezuela to Europe in the 1930’s.

You may not like what I am saying.  You don’t have to.

Just do your own homework.  Dispassionately think it through reading and studying and then play the odds.

At this point, the wrong President will mean that the great American experiment is over and a new system of corruption, cronyism and fascism will begin.

Donald Trump is entering a phase I didn’t think he would get to until he was the nominee or the actual President.

He actually believes what he said this weekend.  He can shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose a single vote.

He believes himself to be unstoppable and above what the ‘little people’ have to do or how they must act that he will do whatever he wants.

And his crowd will cheer him on, just as he predicted.

To him, Everything is about Money, ratings and power.

Look at what he said tonight:  “let’s see how their ratings go without me.”

Ratings = money.  If he controls the money he controls the power.

Everyone in the media better learn this lesson this time.  You failed to listen under Obama and look what he did to the freedom of the press.

Now is the time to learn and be fearless or you will lick his boot.


Please also see my earlier post in which Beck argues the above assertion with Sean Hannity:  Trump a progressive in nature?