This was written in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I’m reblogging in light of the recent Oregon tragedy.

when is a party not a party?

In response to the recent 14 December 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy, filmmakers have a right to make any movie they want.  Moviegoers have a right to pay to see any movie they want.  This discussion has to do with the issue of gun control as a solution to the phenomenon of assault-rifle mass killings, as well as the hypocrisy of filmmakers and actors in glorifying gun violence on the screen while issuing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for stringent gun control aimed at American citizens.  My view is that an assault rifle is a rifle to defend citizens against “assault.”  This is guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  Filmmakers and moviegoers have their rights.  Citizens have a right to bear arms in defense against assault of their home or person.  I have a followup to this post at [society, psychoses and weapons:  what to do?  pt. 2].

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