This was written in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I’m reblogging in light of the recent Oregon tragedy.

when is a party not a party?

This is a Facebook post I just sent to someone as a response to their post regarding reaction to the 14 December 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.  I’ve taken individual references to actual friends/family out, but I wanted to share it [a followup to my previous post:  society, psychoses and weapons:  what to do?], as it contains information that people might take the time to look up for themselves.  Also, it reaffirms my own position on this most important issue that faces, not just America, but all societies.  I expanded the post in some cases where I thought clarification would help:

I agree in how small this discussion seems in the grand scheme of things, but then again, I believe that all dialogue is good and not just a “speck of dust.”  Too much of what passes for dialogue today is nothing more than partisan rhetoric with its only…

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