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‘You Wanted an Answer’:  Beck, Hannity Finally Meet on Television to Talk Differences on Trump

Hannity added that he thinks “there is a reason for [Trump’s] success.”

“I think the reason is Republicans are weak, and they are timid, in Washington especially … They have broken so many promises, Americans are fed up, the problems we face are severe,” he said.

“I think what he is saying shows strength and conviction,” Hannity added.  “And I don’t really care what he said in the past.  Where do you stand today?”

Beck replied, “I do.  No, I do.  Remember you are a guy who taught me about what [President] Barack Obama said in the past and got me to care what he said in the past.  What someone says in the past makes a difference.”

Hannity replied that he agreed with that statement.

“This is what I’d recommend to you and maybe we can settle our impasse,” Hannity said, before suggesting he invite Trump on his program to ask him questions.

“We’ve invited him on the radio show and I have no problem interviewing him,” Beck said.

Beck noted that he doesn’t think Trump’s intentions are “bad,” but said he just doesn’t “agree with his way of getting there.”

The segment ended shortly after.