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Tony Lama men's boot with steel toe

Tony Lama men’s boot with steel toe

Last night, following the presidential debate and in facebook jest, my older brother suggested that my oldest brother should run for president and that I should run for vice-president.  My sister chimed in: “I don’t know…Steve would probably be like, ‘free beer for everyone!’  LOL.”  A friend then added, “Steve has my vote.”  The following facebook exchange ensued:

Steve:  Free beer would be tasty, but governmental sanity would be a better buzz.  A stale government is as useless as stale beer.

SisterYep.  What do you think of my fave…Dr. Carson?

SteveI think he did great. I’ve seen the movie on his life as a neurosurgeon on Netflix, and Carson is as admirable as a person can be.  He did extremely well in the debate tonight.  Aside from him, someone on FOX tonight concluded that Trump was an “outcast” (paraphrasing) from all the others.  I say the others are outcasts from Trump.  [He’s like a Tony Lama boot in a roomful of Italian shoes.]  What’s the song by Toby Keith where he sings about[: “we’ll put a boot in your] ***?.”  [Keith] was harmonizing about our military foes, but that’s what we need for a president.  Trump, unlike the others, can and would accomplish that as president regarding our military foes, but also, regarding those ascribing to the ilk of our current liberal administration.  He’s capable and fearless.  Carson, for all the good he represents, is too gentle and inexperienced.

SisterOh how much I disagree with you.  [smile emoticon]  Trump is arrogant and divisive and egocentric, and hasn’t given a clear answer on anything he would do…only general ones attacking others and saying he was going to do so much better.  I think he bombed big time tonight.  You don’t have to be loud and obnoxious to be effective.  Carson’s extremely confident and accomplished, but he’s also got humility that Trump doesn’t have at all.  And that’s a good quality.  He also has the ability to put a team of minds together to get various things accomplished…instead of talking like he’s the “great and mighty Oz” who’s going to single-handedly solve all our problems.  I think he could be the best president certainly in a very long time…possibly in our lifetime after this disaster (speaking of incompetence, arrogance and divisiveness) we’ve got in office now.

SteveMy vote cancels out your vote [smile emoticon].

SisterHa ha ha! We’ll have to fix that…and the fixin’ is gonna have to come from your side of things, since as usual I’m right and you’re wrong.  [tongue emoticon]


Sister [grin emoticon]