In light of tomorrow morning’s blood moon, I thought I would reblog this first of my five condensations of John Hagee’s book.

when is a party not a party ?

I’ve excerpted the following passages from:  Hagee, John.  Four Blood Moons:  Something is about to change.  Worthy: Brentwood, TN.  2013.

According to the back jacket of Hagee’s book, he is “the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a nondenominational evangelical church with more than 20,000 active members.  He is also the founder and president of John Hagee Ministries, which telecasts his radio and television teachings throughout America and in 249 nations worldwide.  Hagee is the founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel.”

I am not a member of his church, nor do I agree with much of his teachings, however, this book presents a clear biblical perspective of the Four Blood Moons theory.  I have extracted only that which explains that theory for those who have heard of it, or haven’t, and want to know more.

It is clear to me that the…

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