Top ten annoying marital habits


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How Many of These 10 Annoying Things Are You Inflicting on Your Other Half?

Long holiday weekends often translate into a lot of “together time” for couples and families.  This closeness can serve to magnify some of the habits and eccentricities of our partners or family members.  Unfortunately, some of these habits can be annoying.

"Broken Heart Syndrome" is an actual medical condition that can apparently lead to death in serious cases. (Image source: Shutterstock)

Pringles, the stackable potato and wheat chip company, reportedly surveyed 2,000 people, collecting a list of the things we do that annoy the people closest to us.

Scanning the list, social media miscues like looking at the Facebook page of an ex (No. 10) or always being on your smartphone at the dinner table or in bed (No. 4), are among the most frequently mentioned annoyances.

At No. 9, “drunk sexting” (sending sexually-focused text messages while intoxicated) apparently happens often enough to earn a spot in the top ten.

The eighth most annoying action is a classic — picking your nose.


Nos. 6 and 7 are food related.  Evidently, deciding who will be cooking a meal (No. 7) is almost as irritating at “messy eating habits” (No. 6).

No. 5 exposes an imbalance in the compromising done by couples.  Figuring out which movie to watch is a hot enough topic to be the fifth most irritating thing mentioned.

The Pringles survey showed that men compromise 80 percent of the time, typically enduring romantic comedies when they would prefer something more action-packed.

According to The Daily Mail, the survey shows over the course of a year, men tolerate almost ten hours of movies that they would normally not watch.

Coming in at No. 3, bad bathroom habits can likely be eliminated by doing simple things like capping the toothpaste tube, checking the shower drain for hair and (this one is for the men) putting the toilet seat back down.

Image: Wikimedia

Sloppiness can be particularly irritating.  Rating high on the Pringles survey are dropping wet towels anywhere but the bathroom (No. 2) and leaving clothes spread out on the floor (No. 1).

Top 10 Ways Couples Annoy Each Other

  1. Leaving clothes on the floor
  2. Leaving wet towels around the house
  3. Bad bathroom habits
  4. Always using phone
  5. Disagreeing about what film to watch
  6. Messy eating habits
  7. Deciding who is cooking
  8. Picking your nose
  9. Drunk sexting
  10. Looking at your ex’s Facebook page

How many of these reflect the irritations and annoyances in your life?

If there is anything the list is lacking, we invite you post your annoyances in the comments section below.

H/T:  Daily Mail


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