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when is a party not a party?

This is an outstanding response to an immigrant reader’s question from last Monday’s Wall Street Journal that I had to add to my posts.  Crossen, in her “Dear Book Lover” column, writes: 

“In a sense all American fiction is immigrant fiction.  It’s ‘the literature of crossings, of uprooting and transplantation,’ wrote the critic Charles L. Crow.  ‘New settlers seek fresh starts, but bring selves nurtured elsewhere.  If regions confer identity, the identity of the immigrant is never fixed, but always floating between two realms.’  In this era of easy mobility—the average American moves 11 times in a lifetime, according to the Census Bureau—that description would seem to fit many people like me, born and raised in America.”

In her column, she advises reading selections for immigrants to America who want to read adult fiction that will help them to learn the English language.  My own addition to her list would be Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

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