Snowflakes cannot break,

Falling, striking, transforming—

Plump in early spring.

Sunlight cuts through ice,

Thaws like blood into water—

Easter morn arrives.

Pressurized clouds burst.

Rain falls, washes the gutters—

A starved earth suckles.

Jade grass, wildflowers,

Sapphire, lapis lazuli—

Iron skies subside.

Time won’t slow down,

Time is time, ever constant—

Time is all, is now.

Sunflowers arise.

Don’t they know to look away—

They flaunt their brightness.

Relationships spark.

Rushing pheromones prevail—

Love perfumes the air.

Daylight lingers on,

As long as a day can last—

Till turning its back.

Bared skin seeks the light.

Sun warms, burns fragile body—

Eden climaxes.

The grass browns and dries

Yet carries running children—

Facing but one way.

August asteroids

Fill each night with grand wishes—

Money, power, food.

Scrounging through trash cans,

Bears stuff for hibernation—

Living day-to-day.

Thick fur bears the chill,

Inspiring warm fashion coats—

Clothing demands cash.

Bare trees whip about,

Lashing lamely at the sky—

Temperature falls.

A bleak as hell time,

Thanksgiving serves a great feast—

Heads bow, prayers rise.

Evergreen trees trimmed,

Feasts grace fine linen tables—

Christmas closes shops.

The old year expires,

Heralding snowy Times Square—

Down to a second.

S.A. Bort / 22 April 2014

all photos by S.A. Bort