This is a favorite blog of mine from the past, written on my birthday in 2012.

when is a party not a party?

Today is my birthday, which I have no problem sharing with Benjamin Franklin.  He would have been 306 today—a good thing in that it reminds me of how young I am—a sprite 57 in comparison to Ben.  The word sprite means for me a soul alive, which comes from the Latin spiritus, or spirit.  I believe in the soul and its forever existence. 

One of the things I like to do, not just on my birthday, is to spend time in bookshops, preferably with shelves and shelves, stacked floor to ceiling with used books.  I love the words, sentences, paragraphs, feel of old paper on my fingers, the cover art and smell of the soiled pages.  I find books that I hadn’t read since I was a child; books I had heard about but had never read; books full of ideas from people who may be dead now but…

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