I reside close to the earth.

My splintered deck is soiled and

Ants are free to run amok.

Sweat bees come and go

With the regal hummingbirds.

Here, the corporate life

Doth suck!


I spill ale on the deck table,

Then watch as brave ants partake.

A breeze blows cool, and

In the background, an owl hoots.

Here, a man be judged

As a suited fake!


I don’t give a wink

What others judge of me,

Excepting the small creatures

And the royally clothed hummingbirds.

For I live close to the earth,

Soiled, comfortable and wee!


S.A. Bort / 24 June 2014

*Above painting:  The Song of the Lark by Jules Breton, 1884