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when is a party not a party?

The Greek philosopher Pindar (ca. 522–443 BC) wrote in his Ode: Pythian 2,  Line 72, “Learn and become who you are.”  [Perseus Digital Library Project.  Ed. Gregory R. Crane.  01.13.2012.  Tufts University.  01.13.2012].  The passage was translated by Diane Svarlian.

Dr. Paul Tournier expanded on the ancient wisdom in his 1957 book, The Meaning of Persons:  “It is not, then, a case of casting off the personage, but of bringing it into harmony with the person.  It is a case of being in accord with oneself.  Pindar put it magnificently:  ‘Become what you are.’”

What exactly, for example, is the personage of being a “patriot,” or a member of a liberty group?  How does that personage relate to who we really are as persons?  Pindar and Dr. Tournier believed that we should become what we are.  Those who are bigots, racists or threats to physical…

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