A favorite from the past: my first blog post.

when is a party not a party?

Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters

One of the standards of critically thinking for oneself is searching out and understanding primary sources.  In today’s age, it’s too easy to cut corners by relying on blogs and websites for second, third or fourth (or worse) generation sources, which too often are not even close to matching their original sources.  Setting grammatical laziness aside, sometimes outright bias is designed to spin a primary source into a citation that casts a favorable light on specific partisan agendas.

The below selection from William James has been quoted many times (often without the courtesy of citing him) and still can be found at the heart of many contemporary self-help books and programs.  The Day-Timer time-management system was one of the first of the modern managing systems, based on many of Charles R. Hobbs’ innovative ideas, followed by Franklin day planners which later became Franklin-Covey planners.  All of the modern day planning-system peddlers borrow from elements of Hobbs’ original ideas…

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