FORLORN:  1.  Abandoned; disconsolate; hopeless.  2.  Characterized by sadness or loneliness, especially from being deserted or abandoned.  [see leu- , to forfeit, lose.]  DEPRESSED:  SYNONYMS blue, dejected, despondent, disconsolate, dispirited, downcast, downhearted.  Affected or marked by low spirits:  lonely and blue in a strange city; dejected but trying to look cheerful; disconsolate leader of a besieged town; dispirited worker facing a plant closing; downcast after a defeat.  DISCONSOLATE:  1.  Seeming beyond consolation; extremely dejected.  See Synonyms at depressed.  2.  Cheerless; gloomy.  [Latin dis- + consolatus, to console.]  HOPELESS:  Bleak; comfortless; forlorn.


COMFORT:  SYNONYMS comforted, consoled, solaced.  Given hope or help in time of grief or pain:  solaced with a hot cup of coffeeCONSOLED:  Having allayed the sorrow or grief of.  [Latin com- + solari, to comfort.]  See Synonyms at comfortHOPEFUL:  1.  Desiring and considering possible.  2.  To look forward with desire and usually with a measure of confidence in the likelihood of gaining what is desired.  CHEERFUL:  1.  Having comfort or encouragement.  2.  Having lightness of spirits or mood; having gaiety or joy.  3.  Being in or characterized by good spirits; merry.  [Old French chiere, face.]  SPIRITED:  Having an attitude marked by enthusiasm, energy or courage.  [Latin spirare, to breathe.]  SOLACED:  Comforted, cheered, or consoled, as in trouble or sorrow.  Allayed or assuaged.  See Synonyms at comfort.  [Latin solari, to console.]


photo by S. A. Bort, 2 October 2013

definitions from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition &

Roget’s International Thesaurus, Fourth Edition