I dreamt of you for the first time,
early this morning.
I suppose enough time has passed.
Curious how time must pass before one appears in dreams.

We talked of long-shuttered music stores that were to reopen—
the best of them Peaches Records & Tapes.
We were bubbly by the news,
walking downtown,
and you were smiling warmly,
as I recall you always did.

It was morning.
Yes, a blood-orange morning light,
shaded slightly by building walls.
We talked, as if not having seen each other in a spell,
after long months–
catching up on unimportant stuff.

You were on your way somewhere,
maybe to work.
I was trying to fit in.
Always the misfit.

So curious dreams are.
Do you suppose golden sounds are set to return?
They don’t create music now like before.
Isn’t that true?
And Peaches carried the finest.
Wouldn’t it be nice to return there,
passing time,
flipping through the atmosphere of fresh black vinyl,
and the quadraphonic blast of new tracks,
from above?

But that’s history,
isn’t it?

Just a dry-mouthed dream,
wasn’t it?

I will conjure you again.


by S.A. Bort / 11 July 2013

Top photo:  Cropped from Altec advertisement in the 6 December 1973 issue of Rolling Stone No. 149.  Picture is of the album cover for “Odyssey,” an A & M Records, 100% virgin-vinyl music sampler, ideal for testing Altec speaker sound.

Bottom photo:  Cropped from http://www.peachesrecordcrates.com/ .