Marriage = s/he who dies first wins.

Father forgive my sins.

Preparation + opportunity = luck, and

I must purge my ill-humored conscience—

all the damned nonsense—

before one of us, your division bell plucks.


Love and marriage, like horse and carriage.

Please sir, may I have more porridge?

And, if it’s no inconvenience,

half-and-half won’t cut it, you know.

The milk must be whole.

Just a bit selfish with my last meal/penance.


Horse and carriage and funeral procession

ending the endurance of his/her possession

of the infant-pure soul of the other,

and Oliver Twisted will be freed

from this workhouse of society

that soils mother, son, father, daughter.


by S. A. Bort  7 July 2013

above illustration, “Oliver Asks For More” by Harold Copping

Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse

Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse