HE gave ME the gift to sEe.

But, kept YOUR same abilitY?

Why are YOU ALL laughing at ME?

Why can’t we bE we?


HE told ME what to sAy.

YOU ALL over there

     motorboatin’ in YOUR blue cAy:

Follow this simple wAy!

Or, YOU will multiple-pAy!


There is no we, only I!

I shout-out from MY opened EYE.

HE sets free a sIgh

knowing EACH WHO will dIe.


What’s it with YOU?

EACH over there

     relishing YOUR viEW.

Aren’t there a just fEW

willing to populate MY qUEUE?


HIS winds will blOw!

HIS waters will flOw!

YOU EACH will gO.

Only WE will knOw.


by S.A. Bort

[photo by J.M. Bort]