"I read the news today, oh boy!"  Photo by Steve Bort

roots deepened

A page of morning news

with emboldened headlines


was halted suddenly from

serendipitous flight.


Cling fiercely, it did,

though not as child to mother,

around a startled forest pine.


As the wind calmed,

the paper stories,

a bit disoriented,

were off and about

the woody-scented air.


Progressively hindered,

then discarded most ungodly

into a quite dispirited atmosphere,

a bardic foil of


the rankest compound

of villainous smell

that ever offended nostril,*


reaching pandemoniac depths

within the plastic-black receptacle,

pressed shamelessly

against near-emptied

beer bottles, tuna lunch-packs,

juice cartons, cell batteries

and other pages of news–

other pages of news!


The stories became a collective one,

fading ink commingled,

buried in landfill.

–And pine leaves rustled from above that night

as a light rain fell

and roots deepened.


by S.A. Bort

photo by S.A. Bort

*  The quote is spoken by the character of Falstaff in Shakespeare’s “The Merry Widow of Windsor,” Act III, Scene V.  Falstaff, in the play, clarifies: “a buck-basket! Rammed me in with foul shirts and smocks, socks, foul stockings, greasy napkins . . .