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Steve, Anne and Santa (circa 1960)

Steve, Anne and Santa (circa 1960)

This New Year’s Day was a double-edged sword for me.  I received some most welcome news regarding my writing while at the same time receiving unwelcome word that my only sister entered the hospital last evening, was sent home, and then returned there today.  She is in one surgery now for severe stomach/intestinal concerns.  A second will follow.  I feel horrible today about receiving the good news on my writing this same day as her surgery, but I want to share my news because it arrived on this first day of 2013, and I want to put it past so I can then move forward, with more writing, but especially to focus at this time on my sister.  Your prayers for her are most welcome.

This morning, upon awakening, I received an email from HobGob Press (B.M. Stroud, publisher) confirming that I was accepted for publication in a book coming out this or next month, entitled “god: by 100 people.”  Here is B.M. Stroud’s resume: http://www.bmstroud.com/resume.html.

Here is a list of books published/to be published by HobGob Press, including the “god” book of poetry: http://www.bmstroud.com/books.html

The competition was open for one year, from February 2012 until just today.  Out of one year of submissions, I made it at the last minute (I only submitted my three lines of poetry related to god last week).  Please note number 76:  Frank Messina, arguably the most widely-known spoken-word poet today.  Number 1, Brandon Stroud, is the publisher of HobGob Press.  I am number 94.  The poem collects concepts of god from one hundred poets, who each submitted a few or more lines of poetry.  The publisher assembled the lines together to create one poem by one hundred poets.  The three lines of poetry I submitted came from a more fully developed poem, alchemist, which was posted in July of 2012 on this blogsite.  A portion of that poem, I extracted, revised and submitted to HobGob Press as: “air and energy balance the plus and minus within. / Each breath blushes, surrounds– / peace which passeth all understanding.”

1. Brandon Stroud
2. Eva Xanthopoulos
3. Dianne Borsenik
4. Shelley Chernin
5. Derek Foster
6. Hilary Barnett
7. Zerina Sakalic
8. Dylan Foster
9. Jeremy Richard
10. Joann Stroud
11. Joe Fath
12. Erin Marie Rolfe
13. Eric Bogotay
14. Ken Carpenter
15. P Bernardo Abbey
16. Sue Cassidy Wilson
17. Megan Michael
18. Kurt Blankschaen
19. Michael Bernstein
20. Matt Pecek
21. Brad Pillar
22. Nick Grimsic
23. Sebastian Orr
24. Nick Gajary
25. Nikki Missus
26. Kyle Holt
27. Scott Schram
28. Chuck Joy
29. Marc Steven Mannheimer
30. Catie Spetz
31. Lisa Dabrowski
32. Chelsea Reeves
33. Elaine Foster
34. Azriel Johnson
35. Jim Gloystein
36. Peggy Honeydew
37. Miles Nelgez
38. C. Brecty
39. K. E. Goergen
40. Ricardo Brown
41. Penny Porter
42. P. Taoramn
43. Kevin Frederick Smith
44. Brandon McCloud
45. Rich Mone
46. Steven B. Smith
47. Michael Salinger
48. Alex Kremer
49. Brenna MC
50. John Burroughs
51. Gaz
52. John Bryan
53. Megan Chip
54. Marc Nutter
55. Michael Rothenberg II
56. Jeff Holland
57. Dennis Shanaberg
58. Drew Sabo
59. Suzanne Elise
60. Johnny Habu
61. James Mango
62. Fidel Obando
63. Benjamin Gifford
64. Katheryn Michele Seman Womack
65. Jacqueline Ariel Jackson
66. Dennis Quigney
67. Addy Fraser
68. Siddartha Beth Pierce
69. Benjamin E. Nardolilli
70. Freke Räihä
71. Kellan McCall
72. Benjamin Arnold
73. Daniel M. Shapiro
74. Mindy Matijasevic
75. Jme Gugginø
76. Frank Messina
77. JD Nelson
78. Felino A. Soriano
79. Jeff Tindell
80. Kirpal Gordon
81. Jeannine Soster
82. John Paul Soto
83. Cal Leckie
84. Shawn Misener
85. Adam Leonard
86. Julian Bane
87. Jim Lambert
88. Maura Alia Badji
89. Nina Katharina Ahlzén
90. Blake Burkhead
91. Shane Jesse Christmass
92. Maryjane
93. Matt Margo
94. Steve Bort
95. Dylan Scholinski
96. Rachel Lyn Bell
97. Brenda Bowen
98. Jessica Solano
99. David Corona
100. Jerry C. Jaffe

http://www.bmstroud.com/the-oracle-art-essays-and-blogs.html (currently down)


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