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SUBJECT:  Ron Paul’s Endorsement

DATE:  Tue, 16 Oct 2012 11:16:03 -0700

Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

Should Ron Paul endorse Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, . . . or nobody?

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Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • What is Ron Paul‘s stance on the growing “Write In Ron Paul” movement?
  • Could the coming economic collapse happen during the next administration, no matter who wins the election?

Last weekend, Ron Paul spoke to a small audience and answered these questions and more.

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Ron Paul: Real Unemployment Is at 22.8%

by Ron Paul

Last week, supporters of the current administration rejoiced over job numbers released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS).  For the first time since the administration came to power, the official unemployment number fell below 8%.  Keynesian cheerleaders all claimed the numbers meant we are surely on the road to economic recovery, just in time for Christmas, and also, the election.  Others saw through this ruse.

The situation on the ground looks nothing like a recovery.  23 million people are still out of work or chronically underemployed.  This number is expected to rise dramatically next year.  The situation in Washington should not give anyone cause for optimism.  Politicians refuse to look honestly and intelligently at the cause of our economic malaise, and so real solutions are not taken seriously or acted upon.  It is much easier and less painful to simply recalculate the numbers and redefine the terms until a rosier picture is presented.  There is only blind hope that at some point, for some reason, things might change.  But nothing will change for the better if we only stay the course.

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