There are currently two main political revolutions underway in America:  The non-violent Ron Paul r3VOLution and the Occupy Revolution.  I’ve blogged much about Ron Paul and only once, in depth, about the Occupy Movement.  Please see:

Spring 2012: Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks? 

for a thorough presentation of the Occupy Movement’s plans for Spring 2012 and beyond.

Frances Fox Piven and Tom Hayden 1968

Here is an article from which includes a six-minute video along with major points bulleted of a speech given just last Saturday by Frances Fox Piven for the Social Register, which attempts to firmly place the Occupy Revolution into American History texts along with major protest movements, specifically in the context of a new and valid American Revolution.

“Piven in Flames”

I highly recommend viewing this short video along with reading the material presented in: 

Spring 2012: Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks? 

for a clear, primary-source expose of the professed intent (through violent means) of the Occupy Movement as a continuing revolution within America, and indeed, throughout the world.

For a great addition to understanding the spooky intent of the Occupy Movement, please see the brand new alternative view presented in: .