Jean and Steve - Steamboat Springs, CO

The above picture was taken of my wife Jean and I last September at a wedding for one of my cousin’s sons.  It’s one of the best photos of us ever, so I thought I would post it for Valentine’s Day.

It was on my mind yesterday that I’ve become very cynical over the years.  It’s easy because of the state of affairs in America, a world that seems to be crumbling before my eyes, and more locally, the crazy drivers on the road and the insane shoppers in the stores.  Everywhere I turn, there’s something to feel bad and even helpless or hopeless about. 

I started my blog last month, on January 11, and as I’ve gained viewers and many (very much appreciated) followers, it began to occur to me that there are a whole lot of beautiful souls out there on this earth that we share.  We seem to be from faraway places, but really, we’re not at all far from one another.  It’s my cynicism that’s beginning to crumble now, because of my contact with all of you, and I would like to send out a Valentine to all of you, on behalf of Jean also.

It’s up to us to multiply, to take care of our own and to try our best to join together to crumble the towers of evil that have been rising so rapidly before us.  I’m glad to share the blogosphere with all of you.  I’m glad to be a part of making our presence felt in our ever-so-fragile world. 

In the words of Stephen Stills (Crosby, Stills & Nash):  “They are one person / They are two alone / They are three together / They are for each other.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!  –SB